Symposium on Contemporary Art of the Arab World


A symposium on Contemporary Art of the Arab World was held on Wednesday, attended by Dr. Ahmed Darwish, Lecturer of Islamic Literature, Dr Mohamed Bakr El-Bogy, a Palestinian writer, and Dr. Youssef Abdel-Fatah, Lecturer of Literary Criticism.

In his speech, Dr. Ahmed Darwish commented on exploring the supreme values shared between art and religion, in their own respective ways. He quoted the saying: “Poetry is fine verse, while the Quran is miraculous verse”. And art is a path forward.

The Lecturer of Islamic Literature recommended teaching Arabic as a second language in countries of the Islamic World, to discover their lost heritage, and reach a common Arabic tongue. In addition, he called for acquiring sufficient knowledge and sharing customs and traditions among Islamic countries.

Dr. Youssef Abdel-Fattah, Lecturer of Literary Criticism, discussed a number of literary works by Muhammad Iqbal, the Pakistani political thinker and poet, especially ‘What are we to do, O Nations of the East?’. He provided a thorough review of that literary piece, noting that the poet has advised all Arabs and Muslims to establish mutual cultural and political relations, stand in the face of colonial politics and rely on themselves once again.